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«We are expanding the possibilities of business» – Svetlana Belyankina

«We are expanding the possibilities of business» – Svetlana Belyankina

Recently, in the pages of our magazine, we talked about the presentation of Svetlana Bel.yankina’s new project – the International Association of “QR” Partners. Today she is our guest: a professional event organizer, the head of the International Association of “QR” Partners, an entrepreneur, speaker, expert in the field of event management, marketing, and creativity, and a multiple winner of international awards in the category of “Best Organizer”.

TOPBRAND Magazine: Svetlana, let’s start with the latest major event – the International Association of “QR” Partners. What is its mission?

The main mission of the project, like all my other projects, is to help people. This time, we have chosen a niche: entrepreneurs, businessmen, and experts, in order to help them develop their businesses and skills through my own experience, specifically through collaborations. Almost all of my activities are built on strong partnerships, where projects bring benefits to each other. Working with business events, I noticed that most business owners and experts not only cannot find value in another business for themselves, but they also do not see their value for other projects and, therefore, underestimate themselves. So, thanks to our Association, we are expanding the possibilities of business or services, helping to create new solutions and new products.

TOPBRAND Magazine: As a top organizer, you received 4 significant awards last year. Which one was the most pleasant for you?

All 4 awards are significant to me. In fact, I have been working towards this result for more than 4 years, creating business events and projects. Previously, I received generalized awards like «Best Organizer 2021», for example, or «Organizer of the Year», but receiving the «Best» in a specific niche is more important to me.

TOPBRAND Magazine: You are in the process of writing a book. If it’s not a secret, what is it about? And at what stage are you?

It’s not a secret at all, and I think everyone can guess what it’s about. It’s about my craft, my profession, and the business of my entire life – event organization. Right now, I’m finishing the first chapter, and next week I’ll start on the second one, which is big and concluding. In the book, I teach event organization through situations from my own life. There will be things to laugh about and be shocked by.

Света Белянкина

TOPBRAND Magazine: The online course “EVENTation” is for those who want to learn how to communicate effortlessly and benefit their brand at various events. Does the provocative name have a story behind it, or is it just a creative idea?

This project is for those who:

a) want to learn event organization, b) want to sell themselves through events.

Event organization is a complex process where one needs to be very resilient, highly organized, communicative, welcoming, and serious, to be a true workaholic and possess many other qualities that are useful to any person. Therefore, the course is, in principle, for everyone, as I teach all of this through events and various situations in your life.

As for the name, I have always loved provocative names and projects, and here everything just came together nicely. When I created the training, I conducted a poll on social media, and someone suggested naming it “EVENTation”. I added my own twist to it because I believe that the word “event” should be included in the name. Later, many people told me that the name fully reflects me since, at the very least, I love talking about sex.

TOPBRAND Magazine: You don’t hide the fact that you don’t like Networking. Why?

For me, it’s a waste of time. I prefer to meet people based on intuition, and I don’t like it when it happens forcefully. Although, I must admit, I occasionally engage in networking events as an organizer, and I strive to make them useful and enjoyable, at the very least.

TOPBRAND Magazine: In your line of work, you have many partners, competitors, colleagues in the industry, and like-minded individuals. Are your friends part of this circle?

It’s a 50-50 split. Some are from our industry, while others are from different fields and are not businessmen at all. Personally, I really enjoy creative people who have no connection to business whatsoever. I also have friends from childhood and student life who have no overlap with my work.

TOPBRAND Magazine: During your presentation at the business conference «Experts of the New Era», you made an interesting conclusion, which you immediately shared with your followers: “Let someone else talk about you at the event to sell yourself.” Who can best speak about you?

Any of my clients who have worked with me at least once.

TOPBRAND Magazine: An article titled “How to Earn a Black Belt in Event Organization” was published in a glossy magazine. At what point did you realize that you had become a super professional in your field? When did it happen?

I think I started thinking that way when I decided to start my own agency eight years ago, but honestly, it wasn’t true back then. I understand that looking back. I became absolutely certain of it when I started organizing events for 100 people in one day, realizing that I could organize not just an event but any process.

TOPBRAND Magazine: You create comfort and even coziness for everyone at the events you organize: both for guests and speakers. Where is your cozy place?

At home, in the woods, by the sea — this is where I recharge. At events, I usually give more than I take.

TOPBRAND Magazine: Thank you for the interesting conversation. Wishing you success and exciting projects, including creative ones.

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