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“I am the Creator of My Own Reality” – Maria Trifonova

“I am the Creator of My Own Reality” – Maria Trifonova

In an interview with Topbrand Magazine, we have the pleasure of hosting Maria Trifonova, a young and successful professional. She is the head of IT departments in major federal and international corporations, specializing in business process optimization and automation. In addition, she is the owner of the Russian women’s clothing brand “Matrisha” and serves as a mentor and stylist for top executives and entrepreneurs.

Topbrand Magazine: You are simultaneously the head of IT departments in major federal and international corporations (specializing in business process optimization and automation) and the owner of your own women’s clothing brand, “Matrisha.” How did you manage to combine two seemingly opposite fields such as IT and fashion design?

It so happened that my first educational background was in engineering and programming, and naturally, I pursued a career in that field after university. I am drawn to IT because of its systematic nature, boundless possibilities, and innovation. There are no limits there, as new technologies constantly emerge, and progress is always being made. On the other hand, the clothing brand was born out of my personal pain as a woman who loves to dress beautifully. I had a need for elegant and high-quality business attire. Global brands offered more or less the same options, while Russian brands mainly focused on basics without any unique features. It was challenging to find interesting designs for business suits. It seemed like all designers were told that standing out and dressing up were not appreciated in office settings. While many may not pay attention to their appearance, there is still an inherent feminine need for it, and the market lacked sufficient offerings. That’s how the idea of creating my own brand emerged.

Topbrand Magazine: Which field fulfills your soul, and which one is for self-realization? Which one consumes more of your time and energy?

Running my own business always takes up more time. However, I have learned to organize my work in a way that one doesn’t hinder the other. Moreover, they complement each other. In any business, it is difficult to operate without IT technologies, and the women in my office wear clothing from my brand.

Topbrand Magazine: Allow us to give you a compliment. In the photos on your page, you exude simplicity and a sense of tranquility in your style: natural tones and clean lines. Is this a deliberate choice or a reflection of your inner state?

It is a reflection of my inner state.

Мария Трифонова

Topbrand Magazine: You admit to investing heavily in courses, training, and mentors because you prefer to save your own time and energy by learning from others’ experiences and achieve high results. What kind of results are you referring to? What successes are you proud of?

Most of these courses and training programs were related to business. I choose to invest in other people’s experience because the most valuable thing we have is time.

Success is often tied to certain stereotypes imposed by society. However, I strive to focus on my own indicators of success or failure. Any project I undertake is successful; otherwise, I wouldn’t even begin it. I am proud that I took the risk and ventured into entrepreneurship, creating my own product. Along the way, I gained valuable experiences, built a network, and learned from my mistakes. This is how we grow. Unless you step out of your comfort zone, you will never discover your full potential.

Quote: «I try to live without expectations and judgments. Happiness cannot be measured by the amount in your bank account».

Topbrand Magazine: We completely agree with you. What brings happiness to Maria Trifonova?

Happiness, for me, is not just about a state of mind. It is a combination of factors. It’s also about making choices – being where you want to be, engaging with people who make you feel comfortable, pleased, and interested. It’s about being grateful for everything I have and the people who surround me. It’s about internal self-worth. Happiness is when I am the creator of my own reality.

Topbrand Magazine: Are you a sports enthusiast? Which sport do you enjoy?

I love sports. It gives me a lot of energy and helps me maintain my shape and health. Several years ago, I took up snowboarding and try not to miss winter vacations in the mountains. Snowboarding taught me to feel my body, find balance, and quiet my mind. I derive immense pleasure from this sport. I regularly visit the gym as well because it’s crucial to keep my muscles toned. I also love and practice yoga, as it is essential for my inner well-being. Yoga is part of my daily morning ritual. When you live life at high speeds, it’s crucial to know how to slow down, listen to yourself and your body.

Topbrand Magazine: Can we call you a workaholic? How do you relax?

I used to be a workaholic and career-oriented for over 20 years, but not anymore. My values have significantly shifted in the past two years. My inner state has taken precedence over material possessions. At the same time, my overall quality of life has improved. I work a lot, but I strive to enjoy the process rather than focus solely on the outcome. When you have a goal but derive no pleasure from the process, reaching that goal becomes significantly more difficult. Burnout and various accompanying states and emotions emerge. It’s important to listen to oneself, allow time for rest, and relax. Every week, I make sure to have a sauna session, get a massage, and indulge in spa treatments. If I don’t give myself time to relax, my energy levels decrease, and my inner critic and self-sabotage kick in as protective reactions.

I try to spend time by the water with minimal communication, maximum relaxation, and enjoyment of nature. I attend various events to experience new emotions.

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