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Specialists you want to return to. Who can Moscow be proud of!

Specialists you want to return to. Who can Moscow be proud of!

These people have conquered millions with their talents, knowledge, and professionalism! It is to them that Moscow residents trust their health, beauty and leisure! Those whom we trust unconditionally: the best of the best in their field!

Sergey Lazarev is the favorite singer of Russians. His concert recently ended, which launched a new wave of love for the performer after his charitable act. He provided housing for an elderly fan from Syktyvkar, who danced his entire concert. This video went viral all over the world.

Goar Avetisyan is the favorite makeup artist. She is also famous for her charitable public transformations. On her popular blog, she shares stories of women in need of help. Goar helps them see themselves as they did not know themselves. Thus, showing them a new life, where they are beautiful and happy.

Irina German is the owner of a large production facility in the Moscow Region, founder of the VABRAZIVE and CONVENIENT AND PERIOD brands. Leading technologist and developer of proprietary training techniques and programs in manicure and pedicure. Developer of unique products for nail service professionals who have patents in the Nail industry. Irina German’s school teaches manicure and pedicure not only to masters, but also to the best instructors and judges throughout Russia, Europe and the Near Abroad. Irina’s company not only produces products under its own brand, which is presented in the largest chain stores and schools in Russia, but also engages in contract manufacturing on a turnkey basis.

Kristina Filippova is the founder of the brand and the atelier-boutique of the same name with her own production “GK-mod”, where since 2018 she has been making clients’ dreams of luxury, style and individuality come true. Muscovites choose GK-mod for quality. This is the only production that creates unique products from exotic crocodile and python skin in a single copy, which speaks of the taste and uniqueness of its owners. Brand philosophy – quiet luxury, quality, durability.

Dzheveira Kolosova is a popularizer of charity in the new era! Member of the Union of PR Professionals of the Russian Federation. PR strategist for patrons, philanthropists and charitable foundations. Charity with Jeveira is bright. Founded the Ashana Charitable Foundation in Abkhazia. Developed more than 100 charity PR campaigns. Speaker at international conferences on fundraising and PR.

Nino Kobaladze is a plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, known in the Russian Federation and abroad. An outstanding person in her niche. International speaker, expert in all areas of cosmetology. Author’s methods and extensive work experience have allowed us to become one of the most sought-after specialists in the world of cosmetology. Together with her colleague Olga Mikhailova, she opened the ultra-modern MedClinic clinic in St. Petersburg. For 8 years now it has been famous for its quality work, the best doctors, and the latest equipment. Nino created the Adverse event congress on complications in cosmetology, which became one of the largest in the Russian Federation and the only one of its kind in the world. This illustrates the strength of her leadership and organizational skills. Actively helps patients who have suffered from unqualified service by home cosmetologists and fights against illegal cosmetology.

Yulia Mironova is a media blogger, entrepreneur, owner of the English Language School “Capital School Education”. Julia has been actively developing her online presence for more than 8 years through a blog with a multimillion-dollar audience and is known as the “Mother of Three.” Now the audience reaches more than 2.5 million people. She actively shares her experience in the field of motherhood, time management, cooking, raising children and self-development for women, and also develops her own business, successfully combining the roles of a businesswoman, wife and mother of many children. Takes part in filming on Channel One and pays attention to charity. Winner of the Mama Award.

Mikhail Buntov is a business coach with international certification ICC (International coaching community, basic and executive). Top manager. He held positions from sales director to deputy vice president and member of the board of directors. Has experience in managing teams of more than 700 employees with an area of responsibility of more than 12 billion rubles. Created successful teams in different regions of Russia (Volga region, Far East, South and North Caucasus). Team building coach. Has many years of experience in business consulting. Philanthropist (implementation of the “BlagoAu” and “Living Alarm Clock” projects, speaker of the “Charity Academy”). An RBC expert, in his author’s blog, reveals dozens of successful cases of businessmen who are under his personal coaching and achieve business growth results of up to a billion rubles.

Anastasia Eliseeva is a personal and family psychologist, sexologist, expert with 10 years of experience. Helps clients build relationships with themselves and others, learn to say “no,” and be the author of their lives without guilt and shame. In 2023 she received the “Best International Psychologist” award. Author of the books “More than Mom”, “A Man in a Skirt or a Woman Who is Heard” (if I haven’t confused it). Invited guest on Radio Gold in the category “PRO stars” and TV (programs “Male/Female”, “DNA”, “Beyond”, “Kadoni Show”). Consultant and top famous media. Mother of five sons.

Lydia Kasapu is a public figure in the field of social and family relations. Entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in various niches. Organizer of exclusive author’s tours to Bali. Promoter of a healthy lifestyle and healthy motherhood with the goal of improving the gene pool of future generations.
Mother of many children. Head of the Union of PR Professionals of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory.

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