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Specialists you want to come back to. Who can Moscow be proud of?

Specialists you want to come back to. Who can Moscow be proud of?

These people have conquered millions with their talents, knowledge, professionalism! It is to them that the residents of Moscow trust their health, beauty and leisure! Those we believe unconditionally: the best of the best in their field!

Gosha Kutsenko is the best theater and film actor. In addition to his creative career, the actor realized himself in public and charitable activities, developing the fund to help children with the DUP «Step to a Dream». In April, about a million rubles were collected at the national business award, thanks to his personal participation.

Igor Krutoy is the best composer and producer, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. The popularity of his compositions is only gaining momentum over the years. In the sensational series «The Word of the Boy» his hit «How should I be» found a new life and became loved by the young generation of our country.

Zara Ebzeeva is the owner of the popular brand MARSHANI. Designer clothes and concert costumes are produced under the brand. Owner of a network of beauty studios in Moscow, director of the production center for novice artists «MARSHANI». Zara herself is the designer of all products manufactured under her brand. I’ve devoted my whole life to beauty and art. «Beauty is a combination of inner harmony with external harmony», Zara is sure.

LANI is a bright musical opening of 2023, winner of the eponymous award at the World Music Awards 2020. Songs on his poems are performed by many stars of Russia and the CIS. The artist’s songs become hits of the season. The artist’s tracks have repeatedly hit the top charts of many music platforms. Tour all year round in Russia, the CIS and Europe! The singer has a special manner of performance. His poems are full of meanings, and melodies are full of rhythms and emotions. The artist’s albums are a synergy of subtle lyrics, dance music in an ultramodern style and a seductive mysterious voice.

Dana Markovskaya is the best TV presenter on the channel, a member of the Union of PR Workers of Russia. The author of the programs «Cast on the Net» and «Obstacles of the Mind». Leading expert of the program «Phost Hunters» on TV3 channel, permanent TV expert of federal channels. The purpose of the work is to reveal the expert as much as possible, to bring him to the TOP, to teach him not to be afraid of the camera! Makes a star simple and tasteful!

Olga Shishaeva is the best business coach with 11 years of experience in Russian and international companies, business tracker of training programs, higher education teacher, popularizer of conscious leadership and human companies.

Egor Ivankov is the best developer of organizational, legal and functional models. Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Creative Industries in the Council on Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. President of the SALYUS Group. Within the framework of research and development work (R&D) on the topic: «Creation of complex systems through systemic synthesis of the state, business, science and society on the terms of cost-effective self-supporting models that meet current challenges and do not contradict global trends», an experimental project was implemented and SALUS Group was created. Project strategy until 2063, as an international development corporation.

Irina Konstantinova is the best plastic surgeon about beauty and health. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery of RUDN University, surgical experience of more than 18 years. Irina specializes in breast and body plastic surgery, adhering to the principle of preserving the individuality of each patient. Irina Konstantinova is not only a great surgeon, but also a laureate of numerous awards. In addition to her surgical activities, she has been actively engaged in charity for many years and supports events related to a healthy lifestyle.

Marina Kravchenko is the best blogger, expert in the field of biohacking and folk healing, rejuvenation. Expert on human integrity, abilities, capabilities, psychosomatics, mental settings, state of mind and healthy body. Expert gemologist, is a graduate of the Faculty of Gemology of Moscow State University. The creator of courses to restore health, energy, helps two million subscribers to find youth, lightness and activity, get rid of ballast in the form of excess weight and psychological problems.

Yulia Samokhina is the best art photographer with more than 12 years of experience. Her passion for photography began as a child, when she first picked up the camera. Since then, Julia has not ceased to experiment with different genres and techniques to create unique and memorable photos. Photo from Yulia Samokhina is not just a capture of moments, but an art. She strives to convey emotions, mood and atmosphere through her photos. Works in the genres of portrait and conceptual works. I am convinced that each photo should be unique, so she pays great attention to details and composition, finding unusual angles to create interesting and memorable photos.

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