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Uzia Alim on the results of the “Woman of the World 2023” award

Uzia Alim on the results of the “Woman of the World 2023” award

From April 28th to April 30th, the international «Woman of the World 2023» award ceremony took place in Dubai. Journalists from Topbrand Magazine interviewed the founder and organizer of the «Woman of the World» award, the chairman of the Union of PR Specialists in the Republic of Dagestan, a member of the Founding Council of the Union of PR Specialists in Russia, the founder of «Razvigram Media Group», a mentor for personal branding and social media promotion, a speaker at Russian and international economic forums, an international mentor, the best blogger and expert in development and promotion, and the winner of the Vivo Bloggers Award – Uzia Alim.

Topbrand Magazine: Good day, Uzia! Please tell us who else is among the organizers of the «Global Woman Awards», and what are the goals of this grand event?

Together with Inna Gerasimova, we are the organizers of the «Woman of the World» award. Inna is a candidate of psychological sciences, a psychologist, a coach, a constellator, a trauma therapist, and a Reiki Master-Teacher.

The main goal of the international «Woman of the World» award is to create a strong networking platform and unite experts from different niches for effective cooperation, collaborations, innovative breakthroughs, including with notable personalities, as well as professional and business communication within the «Business Woman of the World» community.

Within the framework of the «Woman of the World» award, business conferences are held worldwide annually, as well as other prestigious events for women entrepreneurs to develop and scale their personal brand and company.

Business Woman of the World

Topbrand Magazine: This year, the award was supported by members of the royal family. Is that correct?

Members of the royal family supported this grand event with their presence, namely, The Private Office Of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla Group of Companies. The Sheikh and his delegation visited all three days of the «Woman of the World» award.

Topbrand Magazine: What do the winners of the award receive, and what new opportunities open up for them?

The winners of the «Woman of the World» award are presented with prestigious international awards as the best specialists in their field. It is the most effective networking environment where entrepreneurs from around the world, the best in their respective fields, come together.

All participants have the opportunity to create collaborations and projects with renowned entrepreneurs, top specialists, celebrities, bloggers, and public figures for business and personal brand development, increasing their revenues, and expanding their work worldwide.

Moreover, participation in the award provides new knowledge, inspiration, resources, and strength, as well as expert support, exchange of target audiences, and mutually beneficial global connections.

Business Woman of the World

Topbrand Magazine: Under whose support does this grand event take place?

The «Woman of the World» award is actively supported by well-known entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, media personalities, public figures, investors, and the media. Our participants, becoming residents of the international «Business Woman of the World» community, continue to engage in effective business interactions and friendship with them and among themselves after the events.

Topbrand Magazine: Topbrand Magazine is an official partner of the «Woman of the World» award. Can you provide information about the date of the next award ceremony?

The next «Woman of the World» award will take place in Dubai from November 17th to November 19th, 2023. For detailed information and registration, you can contact +79252872313.

Topbrand Magazine: Thank you, Uzia! We would like to wish you and all the participants of the award creative success and the realization of your plans.

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