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The story of the creation of the digital PR agency «Topbrand» is told by Maria Redekop

The story of the creation of the digital PR agency «Topbrand» is told by Maria Redekop

The founder and owner, Maria Yakovlevna Redekop, shared with RBK readers how the image-focused digital PR agency «Topbrand» was created. Maria is a well-known PR director for media personalities, businessmen, and bloggers in Russia and the UAE. She is also:

  • Owner of the international PR agency «Topbrand»
  • Founder and chief editor of the media portal «Topbrand Magazine».
  • Head of the regional branch of the Russian Public Relations Association in Moscow and the Moscow region.
  • Certified brand manager and celebrity marketer.
  • Speaker at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, «Corporation of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses of Russia», and the Moscow Entrepreneurship Department.

The Idea behind the Agency and Its Name

The idea didn’t come out of nowhere; it was a logical continuation of my previous work. Since 2017, I had been managing the production center «TOP-Trainer». We were involved in digital promotion for entrepreneurs and experts, launching startups and online sales funnels, and creating and developing personal brands, including through social media.

But in 2020, I realized that I wanted to focus on PR and the promotion of personal brands. Therefore, it was time for me to embark on an independent journey. That’s how the PR agency «Topbrand» was born.

As for the name, it came easily and immediately. In the production center, we worked with top individuals, and I planned to develop their personal brands. So, «Topbrand» was the perfect fit. Interestingly, the name works the same in both Russian and English because we operate in Russia and abroad (UAE, Turkey, Europe).

Preparing to Launch the Business

It was crucial for me to match the level of my clients and become a super professional who can achieve anything. Therefore, I needed to learn. Even while working at the production center, I constantly improved my qualifications by taking various digital courses. Before opening the PR agency, I also attended a course and received a certificate of membership from Maria Tarkhanova, the head of the «Russian Public Relations Association». Then, I took courses on «Celebrity Marketing» and «Brand Management» from top companies. And I pursued a third higher education degree, which I have already obtained.

Education is an important investment in oneself. It is also incredibly interesting.

Мария Редекоп

First Clients

Clients came through two channels. Firstly, there were people who knew me personally, familiar with my capabilities and level, and already trusted me to develop their personal brands. Secondly, it was through word of mouth, recommendations from acquaintances of my acquaintances.

The niche proved to be popular, as many successful businessmen, professional experts, and coaches in various fields were looking for ways to make a broader statement, scale their businesses, achieve a higher level of influence, and increase their income. This is almost impossible without skillful and serious personal PR. You’ve heard it: «People buy from people». People literally lined up!

However, there was one challenge. In the first few years of operation, I naturally had a tight grip on the agency, delving into every detail and controlling all processes. Moreover, I was the personal PR director for every top individual. Of course, from the beginning, I assembled an excellent team of strong professionals, whom I carefully selected, many of whom I knew from my previous work, including designers, marketers, SMM managers, and journalists. But «Topbrand» is a boutique agency. We work with the best and provide the best. Therefore, it was physically impossible to handle more than 7-10 individuals per year in such a mode.

Now, of course, the team has grown along with its professionalism. I have learned to trust and delegate. Consequently, the number of clients has multiplied. The agency is evolving and reaching a new level. But more about that in the next publication!

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