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«Find Your Anchor Point!» – Igor Sivov

«Find Your Anchor Point!» – Igor Sivov

You may have encountered people on the street, in restaurants, or at concerts with a dull gaze, slumped shoulders, and lowered hands. You want to pass by them quickly, as if they don’t exist. No one wants to ask them, “What happened? How can I help you?” These people seem to have given up on themselves and don’t seek a better life. And perhaps (horror!) sometimes you become such a person??

Everyone has their own way of pulling themselves together, shaking off the inertia, and finding an anchor point to turn their life around. But there are also proven practices and methods that work for everyone, which can help each person. Even if everything in your life is going well, business is thriving, and health is not failing, you still desire more: reaching a new level, scaling up, and starting to do what you’ve always dreamed of. In short, it’s beneficial for any person to overcome internal barriers and unleash their full potential!

One of the possibilities could be participating in the PROawakening Marathon, regularly conducted by Igor Sivov. It will help you find answers to important questions:

  • How to restore your inner state?
  • How to overcome your fears?
  • Where to find an anchor point when the familiar world around you crumbles?

The host shares techniques and practices with participants that help utilize their resources to the fullest and deal with internal crises or uncertainty.

You should know what you must do if you feel like you’re in a crisis:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Look for opportunities, not risks.
  • Don’t get stuck in a state of “fear” or “not wanting to do anything.”
  • Be more active than usual.

How can you achieve this? From February 1st to 3rd, Igor Sivov helped everyone who wanted to gain a clear vision of how to achieve their goals in the fastest and most comfortable way for themselves. He helped them recharge with powerful energy, remove all blocks and restrictions, and reduce stress levels.

Background: Igor Sivov is the author of the PROawakening concept, a master of psychoanalysis, a master of resource states, and a breathwork trainer. He has studied under the best masters and has developed some practices himself.

Igor believes that if you experience illnesses, burnout, or stress, these are warning signs. You have forgotten about the most important person in your life – YOURSELF!

How can you remember yourself? 

How can you focus on your needs, find harmony, and discover joy in life every minute? 

On his Telegram channel and during public appearances, he generously shares various methods and practices with anyone who wants to finally start living with PLEASURE! Affirmations, testing, simple physical exercises, and unconventional ways of interacting with others: loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Igor emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to yourself, your inner state, and your body. When you do that, everything around you starts working for you too!

Игорь Сивов

Here are a few examples that require very little time but guarantee results:

  • Begin your day with 5 minutes alone with yourself: without thoughts, phones, or television. Just look at the beautiful nature and enjoy the silence.
  • Kiss your children more often.
  • If your mood drops, do squats: it gets your blood flowing and increases energy.
  • Create moments of silence for yourself, without music, phones, or work. You will feel how the field works. The universe provides you with an opportunity to make decisions and realize that you can achieve anything you want because you have everything you need.
  • Repeat affirmations. For example: “I know I can achieve success, and my success will be exactly how I envision it!”
  • Set positive intentions for yourself every day.

On his Telegram channel, you’ll find a multitude of useful advice, quotes, announcements, motivating videos and posts, and much more to not only become but also remain happy!

Meanwhile, on February 2nd, the second day of the marathon took place – the largest walking meditation in Dubai. And the results were not long in coming!

Here’s what Igor Sivov wrote on his channel:

«The state that we cultivated through the ‘PROYOURSELF’ practice and walking meditation has already started to take effect. Some people will begin to feel positive changes in their lives today, while others may feel it a little later. Pay maximum attention to everything happening around you right now».

Even bigger changes await those who attended the third day of the marathon – breathwork. 

What kind of changes does Igor talk about?

  • This practice helps you feel the immense power hidden within each of us.
  • It removes all blocks — physical, psychological, and mental.
  • It releases a tremendous amount of energy. In such a new state, achieving goals becomes easy and enjoyable.

Here’s good news for those who missed the «PROawakening» marathon or wish to continue improving their lives and awakening their energy! The transformational one-day outdoor training, «Rebirth in the Desert» will take place offline in Dubai on February 12th. Igor Sivov invites those who lack the energy to realize their potential, struggle to set their own goals, and want to achieve long-lasting effects from the practices.

The training’s highlight will be the opportunity to receive personal feedback from Igor and understand where to focus your efforts!

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