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“By studying PCM, you can identify a personality type or its combination in five minutes”

“By studying PCM, you can identify a personality type or its combination in five minutes”

Psychologist Ekaterina Gulyanskaya told the Topbrand Magazine about transactional analysis and the features of the Process Communication Model (PCM) by Taibi Kahler. Transactional Analysis and…

«Find Your Anchor Point!» – Igor Sivov

«Find Your Anchor Point!» – Igor Sivov

You may have encountered people on the street, in restaurants, or at concerts with a dull gaze, slumped shoulders, and lowered hands. You want to…


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May 2024
TOPBRAND MAGAZINE – Your Gateway to the World’s Most Trusted Brands.

Established during the prestigious ‘MEDIA & PR 2022’ forum in April 2022, Topbrand Magazine stands as a testament to excellence. Founded and led by Maria Redekop, a distinguished PR director recognized in both Russia and Dubai for her expertise, Topbrand Magazine is more than just a digital publication; it’s a beacon of quality and reliability in the realm of media.

Introducing Our Magazine

Within the virtual corridors of our online publication lie a treasure trove of insights spanning across our exclusive sections: ‘Experts,’ ‘PR,’ ‘Psychology,’ and ‘Business.’ Here, we unveil captivating interviews and expert analyses featuring titans of industry, top-tier specialists, influential bloggers, and other luminaries. These distinguished individuals already bear a mantle of trust, their products in high demand, and their collaborations eagerly sought after.

In our ‘Upcoming events’ segment, we showcase the glitzy posters of social and business affairs, gracing the cities of Moscow, Dubai, and Turkey. Each event beckons enthusiasts to partake, offering opportunities to stand as speakers or esteemed experts. Meanwhile, our ‘Events’ column highlights pivotal gatherings, promising not just enlightenment but also the chance to garnish one’s reputation with prestigious affiliations.

Among the prestigious pages of our magazine, one will find erudite treatises—case studies, informative narratives, and groundbreaking research—crafted by our seasoned experts. Here, they distill complexity into clarity, generously sharing their wealth of experiences and invaluable insights, enriching the lives of our esteemed readers.

Topbrand Magazine stands as a dynamic catalog, seamlessly uniting esteemed brands and industry experts across diverse business landscapes. Our narrative revolves around personalities and enterprises with whom we share a profound familiarity, fostering an unwavering confidence in their societal endorsement.

Every expert, company, and community we engage with finds their esteemed presence enshrined within our ‘Best’ directory, a testament to their reliability and endorsement by the wider public.

Rooted in the prestigious framework of the PR & digital agency TOPBRAND, led by the visionary Maria Redekop, our online journal emerges as a beacon of excellence. Renowned for sculpting brands that captivate at first glance, our PR agency collaborates with top-tier experts, corporations, and luminaries. Thus, armed with an array of PR methodologies and resources, our magazine stands poised to empower startups and corporate giants alike in their brand inception, evolution, and ascent to the summit of their respective industries.

With us, the horizon expands beyond the mundane, offering a transformative journey toward uniqueness and unparalleled recognition.

Who Collaborates With Us?

If you have a product you’d like to introduce to a wider audience, we’ll craft an article about you and your endeavors in our digital magazine. Regardless of your current location, successful PR campaigns are accessible online. Our offer suits you if you are:

An Expert:

If you’re a budding expert with limited recognition beyond your immediate circle, an article could be a powerful PR tool, helping you reach a broader audience and gain recognition and popularity. Increased recognition enables you to elevate your fees and ascend to new heights swiftly. Established experts also benefit from periodic PR activities to reaffirm their expertise through regular publications, ensuring their presence in the media spotlight.

A Producer:

With extensive experience in the infobusiness realm, you may be experiencing a decline in demand. Finding new media personalities to collaborate with becomes increasingly challenging, and your usual circle no longer inspires you as it once did. You’ve realized the need for action to secure a stable income and gain widespread recognition. We’ll boost your brand through articles in our magazine.

Founder of an Online School:

Whether you’re a newcomer to the online education market or already have experience, it’s crucial to reach as many people as possible about your business. You’ll have the opportunity to publish a detailed article about your school in Topbrand Magazine, showcasing all the advantages your education offers. Additionally, you’ll receive personal PR through an interview, where you can introduce your school and courses and delve into an interesting topic as an expert in a separate article.

A Blogger:

You’re a blogger with a sizable audience, but your personality and interests are only known to your followers. Publishing articles in our magazine will attract attention from a broader audience to your endeavors. Importantly, these individuals won’t just be your followers, friends, or friends of friends. The effectiveness of PR lies in leveraging media to share your story and interests rather than solely relying on social media.

Meet Our Team
At the helm of TOPBRAND Magazine and the renowned image agency TOPBRAND stands Maria Redekop, a visionary founder steering a team of seasoned journalists and PR specialists. With years of collective experience in their arsenal, our experts bring forth a wealth of knowledge, innovative methodologies, and insider insights in the realm of PR and promotion.

What sets our team apart is their innate ability to sculpt narratives that not only amplify the image of individuals and businesses but also resonate deeply with the public. When crafting PR articles, our journalists carefully curate content that elicits positive engagement from a diverse audience, catapulting you and your business to the pinnacle of success.

The Process of Writing Articles for Topbrand Magazine

Conducting Interviews:

1. Information Gathering: Upon receiving an interview request, our magazine manager contacts you to gather necessary information such as links to social media profiles, website, etc., to familiarize ourselves with your brand and develop questions tailored to your PR strategy.

2. Question Preparation: We draft questions and send them to you for review. You have two weeks to provide responses, which can be submitted in written format or as voice messages.

3. Receiving Responses and Photo Materials: You send back the completed responses along with high-quality photos for use in the article.

4. Article Writing: Our journalists begin crafting the article using the provided responses and photo materials. The work is completed within three working days.

5. Review and Publication: After the article is finished, it is sent to you for review and any necessary revisions. Upon receiving your approval, the interview is published on our website, and you are provided with a link to the published article.

Writing Expert Articles:

1. Providing Materials: For expert articles, the client provides printed and/or video materials such as lectures, seminars, and presentations.

2. Preparation and Writing: The manager passes all necessary information to the journalist, who writes the article within three working days.

3. Review and Publication: The article is sent to the client for review, and after approval, it is published on the front page of Topbrand Magazine. You are then provided with a link to the published article.

Procedure for Publishing Event Announcements:

1. Package Inclusion: When purchasing the “Brand PR” package, you gain access to posting event announcements alongside the writing of six articles.

2. Submission of Materials: You provide the text and photos for the event announcement to our manager.

3. Manager’s Action: Our manager forwards the materials to the publishing editor of Topbrand Magazine for review and publication.

Procedure for Publishing Banner Advertisements:

1. Existing Banner: If you have a ready-made banner of the required size for placement on our website’s main page, you submit it to us for publication.

2. Design Assistance: If you don’t have a banner, our designers can create one tailored to your brand. Provide necessary information through our manager for this purpose.

Why PR and PR Articles Are Needed?

Comparing PR and marketing tools, the undeniable advantage lies with PR promotion. Marketers use tools that are also available to your competitors, so you’ll have little differentiation when using them.

PR tools are always unique and distinctive, just like each of us. PR articles are an integral part of the overall PR strategy and work to enhance the recognition of your personal brand, establishing the right positioning for you and your product in the market.

Publishing interviews or expert articles in our magazine conveys the values and information that enhance your image, contributing to your successful long-term PR and the creation of a sustainable brand platform.

Our Contacts:

If you’re interested in developing your brand, gaining global recognition, and learning how to elevate your social impact, you can’t do without well-crafted, professionally published materials in reputable online publications. And that’s exactly where TOPBRAND Magazine – an online magazine about brands trusted by the world – comes into play!

To get all the information and ask any questions you may have, please contact us here:

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