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“My Main Role is Yet to Come!” – Raksana Samokhvalova

“My Main Role is Yet to Come!” – Raksana Samokhvalova

In the pages of our beauty and travel blogger, television presenter, participant and expert on TV shows, graduate of the “Ostankino Higher School”, “Woman of the Year 2020” according to Glamour magazine readers, twice Best Beauty Blogger according to the international festival “Nevsky Berega”, television presenter, and laureate of the 100 Most Beautiful Women of Russia award – Raksana Samokhvalova.

TOPBRAND Magazine: What a fantastic profession – being a travel blogger. You travel, enjoy life, share joy and discoveries with people, and get paid for it. Who do you enjoy traveling with?

Absolutely! When what you love becomes your job, that’s happiness! I love traveling even alone – there is a special magic in it, you can be alone with yourself and your thoughts, and besides, in new cities and countries, you always make new cool acquaintances. But of course, I adore traveling with my partner, friends, or other bloggers – each trip will be charged with a special atmosphere.

Expert Advice: How to find your niche in work? 

If you don’t like something, don’t do it. Success will only come in something that you enjoy. The busyness of a niche and competition are merely signs of demand, so it’s even good! If something doesn’t bring in money, it can only be because it causes internal resistance in you or if the processes are set up incorrectly. It is important to know when to trust professionals and not try to do everything yourself: each of us is good at something, together we create art. 

If you’re at a dead end and not sure what to do, it’s worth turning to «unpacking your personality». That’s exactly what I do. «Unpacking» helps highlight strengths, build a work plan, find your own path to maximum success, and «packing» means creating a work and promotion plan step by step for a chosen period of time.

TOPBRAND Magazine: Who better to ask about beauty than the laureate of the 100 Most Beautiful Women of Russia award? How can an ordinary girl from the countryside find her own style?

Firstly, to understand that you are very beautiful and there is something special in you – it’s your radiance. You just need to allow yourself to shine. Understand what style of clothing you like on others and what suits you personally. I recommend developing a sense of observation and not being afraid to experiment. Websites like Vogue and Pinterest can help you understand which images you like, and then through trial and error, you can create similar combinations and try them on. If it resonates with you, then it’s yours! Our inner voice never deceives us.

Раксана Самохвалова

TOPBRAND Magazine: You talk a lot about personal branding. What does YOUR personal brand consist of?

My personal brand consists of my journey of development, professionalism, projects I create and participate in, all with a touch of audacity and eccentricity. I, my work, my appearance, the details – all of these make up my personal brand.

Expert Advice: What is a personal brand? What is it needed for? 

A personal brand is the new currency of modernity. It is what people say about you in the room when you are not there. It is what sells your services. It is the driving force. The question is not why it is needed; it is more accurate to say that without it, it is simply impossible to build a career or business in the future that has already arrived. A personal brand consists of many details: starting from appearance and self-presentation and ending with a person’s philosophy and values.

TOPBRAND Magazine: Which period or episode of your life would you like to skip?

There have been many challenging periods in my life, painful and destructive, but those are exactly the ones I wouldn’t want to skip. On the contrary, the more difficult the period, the more it teaches us. So everything falls into place in the best possible way.

TOPBRAND Magazine: In the story of your success, there is a chapter where you lost 50 kilograms. Share your secret with our readers.

I changed my lifestyle. 

I truly started to love myself – established a sleep routine: a minimum of 8 hours, started to eat regularly, gave up lactose, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, fried and salty foods… My diet mainly consists of vegetables and seafood. Nutrition is the foundation: there’s no point in going on diets, you need to change your eating habits. And of course, regular exercise and massages. The 50 kilograms went away quickly, approximately within 5 months, and thanks to the new approach to life, my health improved.

TOPBRAND Magazine: What achievement are you most proud of?

I am most proud of finding the strength to share my personal experience of bullying in school, disability, and poverty with a large audience, already back then, shattering the image of the «perfect blogger». After that, there was a wave of projects and a documentary film on this topic, in which I actively participated. It was difficult for me, but this experience made me realize from the very beginning that my experience can help those who are currently in this situation and make others think twice about whether «bullying» is worth it. I received messages from hundreds of girls with similar stories, thanking me for finding the strength to share and how my example supported them during the darkest time of their lives. And then I understood that everything I went through was not in vain if it helped others cope, believe in their dreams, and overcome their personal hell on Earth – it was worth it. This also applies to the question of which period of life I would like to skip – none of them. Even the most terrifying and darkest periods are extremely important.

Expert Advice How to deal with the fear of failure and judgment? 

You don’t need to fight fears – often, our fears protect us for a certain period of time. It’s important to recognize which fears are hindering your goal achievement and simply confront them. You know, the most interesting things always happen on the other side of fear. If you fear failure and judgment – congratulations, you’ve already experienced a setback. Only those who do nothing are not judged, and «judges» are often people who are more concerned about your life than their own, which means there is no constructive speech. Take the first step already! With fear, with doubts, imperfectly, but take it. And let them judge, discuss, and watch as you reach new heights!

TOPBRAND Magazine: You have conquered the internet and television audience. Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a big film, with a famous director, to be «in all theaters across the country»? 

Yes, I would like to appear in a great feature film. And not just «all theaters across the country», but rather «all theaters in the world». I enjoy fantasy and adventure films, and I am confident that my main role is still ahead!

TOPBRAND Magazine: Name 3 words that describe your creed. 



Conquer! (Here should be a note – conquer yourself and your fears).

TOPBRAND Magazine: Tell us about your goals and plans for the coming year.

It seems like there was already an interview where I shared that I have big plans for conquering the world in 2023?? The main direction is like this… The main plan is to enjoy the moment and confront my fears to achieve my dreams. As for the details, you’ll learn them as I conquer new heights – let it be a surprise!

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